Get Involved

Monthly Hackathons

Hackathons are our monthly free community event which allows folks to come check out who we are, what we do, and how they can get involved. The hackathon is a laid back making competition which gives participants 4 hours to start AND finish a project. We provide tools, space, pizza, and drinks to keep you going and at the end we all present what we made (or failed to make!). Everyone votes on their favorite project and the winner gets a SHWEET prize! This event is completely free, open to all ages, and is great for families. Don’t feel obligated to have a project the first time–come make friends and get inspired for the next month!

“Weekly” Happy Hour


Come join us for Hatch Happy Hour at Allgood Lounge on Thursdays at 6! Allgood has been sponsoring our hackathons since March 2014, and as thanks, we get together for tasty beverages to get to know each other better, talk about the projects we’ve been working on, show off pictures on our phones, and generally have a good time. It’s a nice way to meet some of our members and for us to meet you! Plus if you’re lucky, Erica will make one of her famous bloody mary’s for you! With happy hour drink specials, there really isn’t a better way to spend Thursday evening!

Take A Class

We have classes and workshops that focus on all aspects of making–sewing, circuitry, home repair, car maintenance, 3D Printing, prototyping, soldering, metalworking, design… Most are low to no cost and entry level. If you have an idea for a class, we’d love to hear it. If you’d like to teach a class, The Hatch is always looking for volunteers to lead in their specialties.

Join the Race Team


Ever wanted to be a race car driver? Want to know how to work on cars and learn to fix your own? The Hatch and HackBerry Lab have partnered up to form the 24 Hours of LeMons team–Lunar Lemon! Our trophy winning car is a 1985 Chevy Astro Van that was won at auction for $250. The Lunar Lemon (with siblings Moon Unit and Gemini) have been racing since January 2016 and have won several trophies including the esteemed IOE (the highest LeMons prize available) as well as the very first LeMons Rally–the Hell On Wheels rally which took our team through Death Valley in the middle of August! We have 7 races a year and always need crew, support, and drivers!

Become a Member


So you want to be one of us, eh? We’d love to have you! You can sign on the dotted line HERE!



Want to help us continue providing Athens with the latest and greatest in tech and art resources? Donate today! The Hatch is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit that relies solely on help from individuals and businesses alike. So if you’ve got tools lying around that need a new life, We’ll take em! Want to help us fund the next workshop or camp? Or to buy a tool on our wishlist? We would greatly appreciate any help you would care to give. All donations are tax deductible.